Hollin Hills Orchid Society

of Northern Virginia

Hollin Hills Orchid Society meets monthly except for July & August at the Mason District Governmental Center in Northern Virginia, USA, and is open to everyone interested in growing and caring for orchids.

11:00 AM11:00

January 2017 meeting - lunch & shop!

Trying something different to start the new year! January and February are the darkest months and no one likes being out in the dark and cold. Instead, we'll meet on a Saturday, have a quick lunch together (or not, up to you!) and we'll go shopping for some orchids!

For January, we'll meet in Vienna for a quick lunch (TBD) and then head over to Orchids For You. You can be surrounded by your fellow orchid enablers for a good time!

I set a start and end time but please come and go as you please. I'll be there for food at 11 and around noon, we'll go do some shopping. 

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7:00 PM19:00

Terrarium Workshop - CANCELLED

WORKSHOP CANCELLED   --  Presented by Sherri Arnaiz

Hands-on workshop building terrariums. HHOS will be supplying materials for members or you may bring your own. Have a plant or two you think would perk up in a higher humidity environment? Maybe you have a few companion plants that will be a good match? African Violets, gesneriads, ferns and mosses all make good companion plants. Glass containers will be provided or you can bring your own. The glass containers provided are not very large, so if you would like to have a larger terrarium or create some for gifts, feel free to bring supplies.

If you have companion plants like mosses or small ferns, or other small plants, please bring them to share. It's a lot of fun to have a variety.

This will be presented in fall 2017.

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7:00 PM19:00

Getting plants ready for winter

This meeting has been cancelled

If you have questions about getting your plants ready for winter please visit our facebook group and we can provide any info you may need!

We'll talk about how late you can leave various orchids outside. Some won't bloom without getting chilly! We'll also review how to leave the pests outside.

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7:00 PM19:00


We'll talk about part of the orchid production cycle that involves growing in flasks and moving from flasks to compots. 

For this, I'm going to email the people who do the flasks about timing and keeping the plants in the flasks so we can go from that step into compots.





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7:00 PM19:00

Annual Orchid swap

Members are encouraged to bring clean, bug free and healthy orchid plants to donate to the swap. These can be plants you bought and then couldn't figure out why... Plants you divided, plants you're not growing well and want to give a chance to live... Anything! The key is that they are clean and insect/disease free.

Bring them along, put them on the table with all the others, and when your number is drawn, you get to pick a plant from all on the table.

This is an excellent way to add to your collection, as well as perhaps try a genera you are unfamiliar with, and not sure you can grow. Members donate some pretty incredible plants to this, so you are almost guaranteed not to go away disappointed! Non-members are welcome but you need to bring a plant to participate in the plant swap. If you don't have any plants to trade, bring orchid/gardening related items to contribute. There are always more plants than people!v

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7:00 PM19:00

Kokedama /Moss balls /String gardens

Presented by Sherri Arnaiz

People attending can either bring their own plant of choice or we will have some. We will supply moss and string. If you have some plants you would like to try other than orchids bring them! If you have a good spot where you could harvest some moss from your yard without too much damage to the location, bring some. I have a couple spots I can harvest from. Plus I probably have some from last year that has dried which is no problem to use. I prefer live moss. Dried moss will take a long time to germinate and come alive. Or it might not depending on how it's been processed if you buy it.

You should view photos on Pinterest or Google for ideas. I also find that I need to keep mine in a shallow dish so it can have more moisture than a hanging moss ball. There are video tutorials if you want to try other plants and soil mixtures.


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